Your Dog’s Safety.  Our #1 Priority.



Aluminum Dog Crates

In early 2016, a little dog was coming home with her dogwalker when the vehicle was involved in a collision with another car.  The little dog was riding loose on the front passenger seat, and the force of the impact threw her into the dashboard; she suffered a broken neck and passed away almost instantly.  A tragic accident that could not have been predicted … but could have been prevented by proper travel containment.

The Walking Dog’s transport vehicle is outfitted with CUSTOM DESIGNED WELDED AND RIVETED ALUMINUM TRAVEL CRATES, which are bolted into the interior of the vehicle.  No dog ever rides loose in our vehicle, and the aluminum crates are much more secure/sturdy than plastic travel crates sold in stores.  What this means for you and your beloved dog:

  • No loose dogs in the vehicle to potentially distract the driver while on the road
  • In the event of an unavoidable vehicle accident, the dogs are safely contained in welded aluminum enclosures, and can’t become projectiles inside the vehicle, or be thrown from the vehicle.
  • Impact injuries in the event of an accident are greatly reduced or virtually eliminated because the dogs are crated in small enclosures.
  • The crates are bolted into the vehicle interior, and also cannot be thrown from the vehicle in an accident.
  • Each aluminum crate has a locking slam latch, so when the driver has to exit the vehicle (for pick ups/drop offs of other dogs) there is no chance of theft of or escape by a dog.
  • Exits from the van can be controlled by individually exiting dogs from each crate, which reduces the chance of injury as excited dogs try to get out to start their daily adventure

We want your dogs to have fun while they’re out with us, and come home happy, tired and SAFE.  So we make sure that travelling too and from their outing is the least eventful/stressful part of their day.

Our crates are custom designed and fabricated by Smith Training Equipment who have been creating and building innovative, professional dog products since 1995.

(If your dog is not crate trained, or has barrier frustration/aggression, please advise The Walking Dog of these challenges during your initial consultation)




Coyote Vest

Little dogs need exercise and adventure just like big dogs do; they may be tiny, but their spirits are large!  However, small dogs do have extra considerations that The Walking Dog does our best to accommodate.

We do our best to screen every client dog for sociability and dog-dog interactions, but whenever you have a large group of dogs together, the potential for negative interaction is always a possibility, especially in times of high excitement.  That’s why we have COYOTE VESTS available in a variety of sizes for little dogs.  These stab-proof kevlar body coverings with plastic spikes on the backs and necks protect the most vulnerable parts of a small dog in the event they are involved in a squabble amongst larger dogs.  The coyote whiskers deter and prevent large excited dogs from biting at or grabbing at small dogs as they run past.  In the unlikely event that we encounter a predator while out adventuring, the coyote vest will deter and protect against wildlife attacks as well.  The vests are lightweight and don’t impede a dog’s enjoyment or ability to move freely, and dogs can even swim while wearing them!

Ask us if we have a Coyote Vest available in your size!


When you choose The Walking Dog leash-free adventure company as your dog walker, you are choosing an emphasis on fun AND safety for your best friend!