JUSTIN and JUNO (Juno is a President’s Choice Super Dog!) travelling safely in one of our aluminum vehicle crates on their way home from an All Weather Adventure!

“I can highly recommend Sheena as a dog walker and sitter.  She is very personable and has shown great care when taking my dogs for long walks and/or hikes.  My dogs are relaxed and happy with her – what more can an owner ask for!”

Jane, human to Justin, Juno, Sophie and Tess!









 HOLLIE enjoying a break (important for brachycephalic dogs) on her walk in the sunshine!

“Sheena does so well with my often (quite often) stubborn and rambunctious French Bulldog mix Hollie. She is successful with her recall and always rewards her with treats designed for Hollie’s sensitive digestive tract! My dog is always so excited to be a part of the pack and Sheena keeps an close eye on her and her “anything big dogs can do, I can do” attitude!

Heather, human to Hollie the Hilarious!









GHILLIE posing for the camera!

“Ghillie thoroughly enjoyed her stay with Sheena and her furry family. She is a young, active border collie and didn’t want for anything while boarding- plenty of attention, plenty of play, plenty of supervised exercise. The periodic updates and photos kept my mind at ease as well. The best indication to me was that Ghillie did not particularly want to leave when I picked her up! I would not hesitate to board Ghillie with Sheena again.

Corey, human to Ghillie the Great!









AMMO and MILES, the CUH-WAZY Collies!

“TWD has been walking my two border collies for over two months now. Ammo is super social and happy to be out with anyone. TWD has done a great job of exercising him, and keeping his socialization positive and rewarding with other client dogs. He always comes home happy and tired. Miles is young, and visually impaired and I was really worried about sending him hiking off leash. He is THRIVING with the TWD and loves getting picked up by the magic van. He greets his dog walker with happy whines and big helicopter tail knowing another great adventure is coming his way. He gets great socialization with TWD client dogs and is happy, relaxed and tired when he comes home. I cannot recommend TWD services enough. My boys hike separate days, and the TWD is always on time for pick up and drop off. My dogs come home and pass out in a state of bliss. I couldn’t be happier to have a wonderful local company taking my dogs on adventures while I’m busy working. I love their safety standards for vehicle transport, and I am very comfortable with my dogs being in the care of the The Walking Dog. I couldn’t ask for better service!”  Hailey the human!



FARLO, happiest dog EVER!

“I have been using The Walking Dog as my daily dog walker for the last five months and I couldn’t be happier.  My 9 year old husky/shepherd cross absolutely loves Sheena!  She keeps in good contact with me and is extremely flexible.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dog so exhausted and happy as I have after he’s had a hike with Sheena and her pack.  Having Sheena as my dog walker has completely put my mind at ease because I know she’s looking out for my little guy, just like I would.”

Kirsten, human to Funny face Farlo!





















The Walking Dog frequently rotates walking and hiking locations to ensure mental stimulation is achieved for regular clients!  New environments/surroundings are an important component of physical and mental stimulus for the dogs, and it means they come home tireder and happier than when they left!  We have two different remote forest locations, the beach (tide permitting) and open space + dykes on a lake that we routinely utilize in our efforts to ensure your dog has an excellent time with us!