The Walking Dog uses WELDED ALUMINUM and RIVETED CRATES in our transportation vehicle.  While we have always crated dogs in the car, we upgraded from plastic airline type kennels to aluminum crates after researching the safety of plastic kennels in a motor vehicle accident.  This video demonstrates what happens to plastic kennels in a crash/impact.


Here is what happens to dogs who are riding loose in a vehicle.


Many, if not most, commercial dogwalkers travel with between 5 and 10 dogs riding loose in a van or truck bed.  In the event of even a moderate-speed collision, dogs can be injured or killed, thrown from the vehicle or escape from the vehicle after an accident, which makes them both a hazard on the road to other drivers, and a danger to themselves.

Remembering Radar, who died in her walker’s vehicle in a crash.

Six dogs thrown from vehicle in car crash; two deceased.


At The Walking Dog, we know that you want to be assured that your dogs will get to their destination and home again safely.  We want that too, which is why we invested heavily in aluminum travel cages, bolted to the vehicle interior, to minimize the possibility of injury or death in the event of a collision or other motor vehicle accident.