I worked in the Tech/video game industries for years and eventually left to pursue a career in animal-related non-profit organizations, including pet-assisted therapeutic organizations.  I then moved into Animal Control.  After 6 years of working in municipal animal shelters, most recently as a shelter supervisor, and seeing hundreds of dogs who escaped their home or yard being brought in as strays, I recognized that there were a lot of bored, anxious dogs out there who would benefit greatly from the services of a dogwalker.  Their families were just too busy and overwhelmed to provide their young, active dogs with their daily mental and physical exercise needs, and that’s where the problems stemmed from – the dogs were bored, and looking for some adventure.  This is when the idea for The Walking Dog was born.  As the caregiver to several very high energy and intelligent dogs in my family (herding and terrier breeds) I live the difference between an exercised dog and one with pent-up energy to burn!  I’ve been lucky enough to always make the time to ensure my own dogs get a good hard workout almost every day, but I know not everyone can accommodate the needs of their four legged family member all the time.  That’s why I am here to help!

Professional associations and training:

  • Founder and President of a volunteer breed specific rescue organization since 2001
  • Fostered and rehabilitated/trained hundreds of dogs over 15 years
  • Has handled and evaluated thousands of dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments through animal control
  • Has attended multiple seminars and workshops by noteworthies such as Chirag Patel, Nicole Wilde and Brenda Aloff
  • Holds certificates in Animal Welfare and Canine Cognition from Duke University and the University of Edinbugh
  • Trains and competes in and has taught dog agility since 1999.  Have also trained and competed in stockdog work, flyball, dock diving and barnhunt
  • Member of and webmaster for Paws Squad Canine Sports Club
  • Professional photographer of dog sport events and canine action and portraiture – visit my photography website.


My goals at The Walking Dog as your dogwalker are simple:  Get them FIT, Keep it FUN and Make it SAFE.  Your dogs deserve and will receive the same kind of exercise my own sport dogs do, and you will both be happier for it!  At The Walking Dog if you’re in the group, you’re our family too.